Weekly 365 Round up | Week 12

Weekly 365 Round up | Week 12

Eveslage Photography is an Indianapolis, Indiana based photographer specializing in families and high school seniors.

In the last few weeks I have lost some of my motivation for doing my 365 but with the weather getting nicer I am excited to gain some of my momentum back. I still haven’t missed a day (day 86 is today) but with the baby coming that might be changing. We are down to less then 30 days until my due date 🙂  This week I hope to get outside a little more, work on my editing style and push myself creatively.
Westfield, Indiana Glitter Sessions_0026.jpg
Westfield, Indiana Glitter Sessions_0027.jpg
Westfield, Indiana Glitter Sessions_0028.jpg
Westfield, Indiana Glitter Sessions_0029.jpg
Westfield, Indiana Glitter Sessions_0030.jpg
Westfield, Indiana Glitter Sessions_0031.jpg
Westfield, Indiana Glitter Sessions_0032.jpg

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