#flashbackfriday | Edition 3

This weeks flash back friday features my editing style in 2009 and earlier this year. I have invested a lot of time into learning and growing this past year so my style has evolved in just that short amount of time.

This first photo is from June of 2009.
The one on the left is how I would edit it today and on the right is how I edited it in 2009. This photo was shot with a nikon d40 and a stock lens. I only did a few things differently. I cleaned it up a little, smoothed out the skin, took a little of the redness off and warmed it up. I also took out the trash can and stroller.


Now jump to 2013. Anyone notice this is the same little boy?? He just isn’t so little anymore!

Photo on the left was my edit from last year and the right was this year. This was taken with a D5100 and a 35mm lens. I warmed it up a little bit and pulled out some of the green. There was so much green in this picture his little face had turned green. Just a couple of adjustments makes a huge difference!


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Westfield, Indiana