Weekly Round Up | Week 15

Weekly Round Up | Week 15

Eveslage Photography is a Westfield, Indiana based photographer specializing in families and high school seniors.

Can you believe we are half way through April ?  We have reached 100 days into the year!  Every year seems to go a little faster then the last.  Last week we had a lot of outdoor adventures.  We traveled up to Purdue for Spring Fest, went on a couple hikes, got ice cream and dyed Easter eggs. I am loving all the warmer weather.  I never did get a picture of the baby bump but maybe this week or better yet maybe a picture of a baby!
Westfield, Indiana_0056.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0057.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0058.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0059.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0060.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0061.jpg
Westfield, Indiana_0062.jpg

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