Weekly 365 roundup | Week 2

Weekly 365 Roundup | Week 2

Here is this weeks 365 roundup. Indiana’s gloomy weather had me struggling with the light a lot. I had to push my ISO up a lot and I think I even used my speed light for day 11. I have also been having a personal editing dilemma and can not for the life of me find my editing style for these pictures. I love clean, crisp airy photos but I also love dark and moody photos but for some reason I can’t seem to accomplish any of those. This coming week I am going to work on composition and editing. We will see how well it works out.

Hot Chocolate break at Perfect North.

Westfield, Indiana Photographer_0120.jpg
Westfield, Indiana Photographer_0121.jpgPainting the wind chimes Aunt Kelly got her for Christmas.
Westfield, Indiana Photographer_0122.jpgShe has decided she really likes taking photos.  I gave her an old camera last month to practice with.
Westfield, Indiana Photographer_0123.jpg
Westfield, Indiana Photographer_0124.jpg
Westfield, Indiana Photographer_0126.jpg
Westfield, Indiana Photographer_0125.jpg


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Westfield, Indiana