Weekly 365 Round up | Week 6

Weekly 365 Round up | Week 6

Eveslage Photography is a Westfied, Indiana Photographer specializing in families and high school seniors.

Here we are at week 6 and I am still going strong! My goal this week was to take my photos outside of the house and I did pretty well. I had one day where the photo was in the house but the rest were out and about. In true Indiana fashion we had a couple cold days and a couple days in the 60’s!


Hot Chocolate after ski lessons
Zionsville, Indiana Child Photographer_0063.jpg
Zionsville, Indiana Child Photographer_0064.jpgCracking hickory nuts with dad
Zionsville, Indiana Child Photographer_0065.jpgA little afternoon shopping
Zionsville, Indiana Child Photographer_0066.jpg
Zionsville, Indiana Child Photographer_0067.jpg
Zionsville, Indiana Child Photographer_0068.jpgWalking at Eagle Creek
Zionsville, Indiana Child Photographer_0069.jpg

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