Opi the Cockatiel

Opi the Cockatiel


Yup, I am blogging Opi the cockatiel.  My husband came up stairs a minute ago because I was working and he looked over my shoulder and just sighed… He said “really honey, the bird?!?”  Since Opi has been staying with us this week (Charlie the parakeet has been too but he isn’t as willing as opi) I decided he needed a photo shoot.  Ella completely agreed with me so it had to be done! And sometimes you just need a blog that isn’t about seniors, families or newborns 🙂

Opi the Cockatiel_0174.jpg
Opi the Cockatiel_0175.jpg
Opi the Cockatiel_0176.jpg
Opi the Cockatiel_0177.jpg
Opi the Cockatiel_0178.jpg
Opi the Cockatiel_0179.jpg
Opi the Cockatiel_0180.jpg
Opi the Cockatiel_0181.jpg

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