Exciting changes!

Exciting changes!

With 2017 bookings getting ready to open right around the corner I wanted to share some exciting changes happening over here at Eveslage Photography. First off, this year so far has been amazing and I have loved every minute of it. Secondly, next year I will be limiting family sessions so that I may concentrate most of my time on senior sessions. You will notice when 2017 bookings open in December that I will have a very limited amount of spots open in the spring. Why you might ask? Well, here is the biggest change to the Eveslage Photography family! We are expanding! Come April there will be a new addition to our family so I will be limiting sessions to the first week of April and the last two weeks of May to give me some time off to focus on our newest member of our family. So, with that being said if you haven’t booked your senior session yet and you want to do that before you graduate make sure you set your alarms for 9 am on Dec 1st to book your spot before they are all gone!

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Westfield, Indiana